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I’ve spent my life investigating ways to bring ease to others and I believe collaboration is the greatest way to maximize our productivity. Each of us brings valuable skills, which when properly engaged can greatly contribute to our common goals. Graduating with a degree in Political Science and International Relations from UCLA taught me much about the world’s unique contributors and further encouraged me to pursue my interest in how people and the world work.

I have filled the roles of Project Administrator, Executive Assistant, Assistant Program Manager, and Communications Manager in multiple industries, including Environmental Consulting, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Public Relations, and Non-profit. I also served a 2-year tour as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala where I provided business development training, gender equity and equality workshops, and HIV/AIDS education workshops, and trained rural women in income-generating activities to encourage and increase independence.

Currently, I supplement my work with my clients by contributing to the planning and development of WomenUp Network and CHILL Sacramento as a volunteer and with Compassionate Sacramento as a Compassion Ambassador to Sacramento's neighboring small towns. Through working with these organizations I am able to bring widespread application and dissemination of compassion to my work and to our community.

Each of these experiences has taught me that being able to truly see another person may infinitely improve the path toward achieving our shared desires. My mission is to apply these experiences to bring you ease and enhance your business via organizational systems, intuitive copy-writing, graphic design, and custom artwork. I wish to support you in pursuing your passions and to provide you with the ease you need to effortlessly showcase what you have to offer the world.



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